This page contains all my accounts on different web sites and forums. You can contact me on any of these platforms, just keep in mind that I've not used some of these accounts in several months, and if I don't answer within a few days at most, just try another contact method.

All my accounts:
My profile My profile on the swedish Sailor Moon forum
My profile My profile page
My Profile My profile on
My profile I am not very active here, but I decided to have an account anyways
My account My profile on
My Deviantart page My Deviantart profile
My Newgrounds page Art I've made.
My YouTube Channel Here, you'll find pretty much every video I've ever made (so far)
My forum Discuss gaming, Sailor Moon, YouTube or anything (just don't post NSFW content)
r/AndreasGamingNerd The official AndreasGamingNerd subreddit
My Twitter Profile Follow me on Twitter!
My 2nd twitter I pretty much never use my second twitter, but it happends.
E-mail E-mail me video ideas or anything
I also have an account on the Particles BBS (telnet), and there my username is Sailor Mercury

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