Sailor Moon: YKYWTMSMW!


Here is a little collection of YKYWTMSMW yokes (Please keep in mind that a lot of these are not made by me). If you want to read more of these, then check out this link. It will take you to Starfox's original YKYWTMSMW page, which was the first of it's kind.

You Know You Watch Too Much Sailor Moon When...

  • You are reading this...
  • You get suspicious whenever you see a black or a white cat
  • You draw Sailor Moon fanart in your notebooks
  • You draw so much fanart, and you're so good at it, that people in your class are telling you that you're wasting your artistic talent
  • You make Sailor Moon references all the time
  • You're so obsessed with Sailor Moon, that your girlfriend thinks you like Sailor Moon more than her
  • You're so obsessed with Sailor Moon, that your girlfriend thinks you like Sailor Moon more than her. AND SHE's RIGHT!
  • You have a Sailor Moon poster hanging on your wall
  • You love weddings because you get to dress up like Tuxedo Mask
  • You play the Sailor Moon Nintendo games
  • 75% of the things inside of your brain is Sailor Moon related
  • You have a web page like this
  • You tell all your friends things about Sailor Moon, even though they don't care
  • You sleep most of the time in chemistry class, but when the teacher starts talking about Mercury, you instantly wake up
  • Whenever a new shop opens in your area, you think The Dark Kingdom is behind it all
  • You sing either Moonlight Densetsu or Heart Moving in Japanese while taking a shower
  • If anyone ever says something bad about Sailor Moon, your day is ruined, and to become happier, you decide to watch another episode of Sailor Moon
  • It made you better at drawing, and you don't know why
  • You think it is impossible to watch too much Sailor Moon, until you "accidentally" do it
  • You read Sailor Moon fanfiction
  • You WRITE Sailor Moon fanfiction
  • You use a Sailor Moon Minecraft texture pack
  • Since you started watching Sailor Moon, your favorite colors have been white and pink
  • You have a Sailor Moon desktop wallpaper
  • You are becoming more and more like Usagi...
  • You know what "Tsukino Usagi" means
  • You try to convince your friends to watch Sailor Moon
  • Your internet history is filled with things about Sailor Moon
  • You deliberately run to school with a toast in your mouth
  • You've read all of these things

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