List of my fanfiction ideas

When I made this list, I wrote down the first SM related idea I thought of, no matter how bad it was. So you might find some of the weird crap that takes up 99.999 percent of my brain, and some things that could actually be turned into a pretty decent fanfic. Feel free to write a fanfiction story based on these ideas, or use them in any way you'd like. The background and some of the pictures are from Karl's Sailor Moon Page of Infamy (archived in the wayback machine), because I thought they looked great on this page. I did not want a background that would have lots of different colors on it like on the other pages, because there's a lot of text here, and a background like that would make it a lot harder to read text. I am not sure if I'm gonna have a background at all on the pages my fanfics are on, because even a simple background like this with few colors, can still be distracting, and annoying. So the background is probably going to be snow-white, and the text is going to be pitch-black. Oh wow that was a lot of words just describing what the background is going to be like. Anyways, if you plan on using any of these ideas, and you found out about them here, it would be nice if you could insert a link to this page, and say that you got the idea from this page.
If you're wondering what this is, then I'll explain it to you. I had plans to think of fanfiction ideas on a regular basis, and write them down here, that's why there is a date written down below. I only write a handful of ideas on the 8th of October, 2021, and I never did it again, and I don't know why.
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That means you're free to use my drawings, video clips etc. as long as you tell people where you got it. You don't need my permission to post my stuff on your places on the Net, but you do, however, need to have a link to the page on my site you got it from, on the page you've posted my work on.

Ideas written on October 8th, 2021:
Sailor Moon steals the moon, just like how that guy with orange clothing tried to do it in Despicable Me
Sailor Moon travels to a distant planet, and finds a civilisation
Sailor Moon kisses Tuxedo Mask, then they both die because a war plane accidentally shoots a missile on them
The Sailor Soldiers digs a deep hole on the moon, and finds ruins of a civilisation that lived there waaaay before the Silver Millenium
Ami-chan actually moves to Germany to study
Usako-chan eats spaghetti
A normal day on the moon during the Silver Millenium
Queen Mettalia wins against Sailor Moon in the fight from episode 46
The life of Ail and Ann after they stopped attacking the earth
How the fight when the humans attacked the moon in the end of the Silver Millenium was like

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