Sailor Moon: My own fanart

Sailor Moon: My own fanart

My oldest art is at the bottom, and my newest is at the top. Feel free to download and use my art however you please, but if you attempt to make money by selling it, you will be punished in the name of the moon.

Creative Commons-licens
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 License.
That means you're free to use my drawings, video clips etc. as long as you tell people where you got it. You don't need my permission to post my stuff on your places on the Net, but you do, however, need to have a link to the page on my site you got it from, on the page you've posted my work on.
One warning: my old art is very, eehhh, how should I say this, very, "low effort", so you you are probably going to find some stuff here that will make you say "vad i hela ostens håla?" (you will basically speak swedish), and some great masterpieces that should have a special place in the National Gallery of Art.

I have removed links to some of my old fanart that wasn't worth it to have here anymore, however they still exists on this site, even though they are not linked here.
I got the background from Karl's Sailor Moon Page of Infamy.
Table of contents:
17 Ami Mizuno. I think it turned out pretty good, even though the ears got a bit darker than they should be, because it was a very small area I colored on. I colored it on paper, and it's my first drawing of Ami Mizuno! It's the outfit from episode 112, I saw it the same day I drew this drawing. Here is the Deviantart page for this drawing, and here is the Newgrounds page. I decided to upload the b&w version, because before I colored it, I wanted it to be in grayscale. But the next morning, I changed my mind, and colored it. Here it is, sorry for bad camera, I was too lazy to scan it into my computer.
16 Sailor Moon. This IS my favorite out of all my drawings so far, and the colored version is even better. I first drew it on paper, just like with all my other drawings, then I used my dad's scanner to scan it into a computer. I opened the scan in and redrew it, now with a mouse (I created a new layer that I drew on, and had the scan as another layer), then I used the brush and the paintbucket tool to color everything in. This took a lot of time, especially redrawing the entire thing with a mouse, and don't even get me started on how long it took to draw it on paper. Here is the Newgrounds page for this drawing, and here is the Deviantart page. Both contain the colored version of it, but here is the Deviantart page for the scanned-in version.
15 Usagi Tsukino. This is one of my personal favorites, and I also made it in my maths notebook.
13 Sailor Moon when she's drawing something. Another one I made in my maths notebook.
9 Sailor Moon and Luna.
8 Luna using a computer. Taken from episode 8 (the episode when Sailor Mercury becomes a Sailor Senshi).
7 Sailor Venus. This is the best one I've made so far, in my opinion
6 Sailor Moon. Moon Spiral Heart Attack is a bit hard...
5 Sailor Moon. This one never got finished, but I decided to upload it anyway.
4 Sailor Moon. I drew this one with a mouse in MS Paint, and it's also pretty much the only old piece of art that I am still proud of. Colored version
3 Sailor Moon. This one is special, because here I followed a tutorial on how to draw Sailor Moon.
2 Sailor Moon. Eeeehhhhh... This was the first time I attempted to draw Sailor Moon.
1 Luna. This is the first time I ever drew a character from Sailor Moon, and this is also how I learned why you should start with the head first...

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