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You've just stumbled upon a website created by someone who likes pancakes! Pancakes taste good, not the american pancakes, but the kind that is made in Sweden. I eat pancakes (almost) every Friday, and I have cream on top of them. Most people I know have jam on them, but jam is not the tastiest thing in the world, so I only have cream. I usally put the cream in a line diagonally on top of the pancake, then I roll it, so it becomes a roll. That's the ultimate pancake experience.
You might be here because there was a link on my old Neocities website that sent you here. Yes, I am moving, and my new address is http://pancakez.neocities.org. It is going to be a lotta work moving all my things from my old place, to this new place, where I take advantage of the frame-tag, and not using the table-tag as much anymore. The frame-tag is awesome, whenever you add a new page, you don't have to change the sidemenu of links to pages, on every page that is listed there, so that it has a link to your new page. The only thing you have to do is to add a link to the new page on the .html file that is framed on the side of this text. That makes it possible to add new pages more often, because I don't have quite as much work to do anymore when I create a new page.
I am not going to just straight-up paste the old .html pages from my own site on this new site, I am going to remake a lot of them too. This is going to take a lot of time, but if you want to access my pages while you are waiting, my old site is going to be up and running until the end of time. I am not going to change it anymore, good thing I wrote a date at the bottom of the page, so that you know how old it is.

This site is 100% free from cookies, or anything tracking down your IP-address.

Another important thing, is that I update this site quite often, and sometimes, you'll have to reload the page that is inside of the right frame. You do that by left-clicking, and selecting the option that has a name along the lines of "Reload frame source". Please keep in mind that you have to do the left click inside of the right frame in order for this to work.

Last updated: 20211231 20:23